Smoked hazelnut potatoes with bacon, jalapeño and cheddar cheese

Smoked hazelnut potatoes with bacon, jalapeño and cheddar cheese

Thomas Karlstein

When smoking food, it's easy to focus on the highlight of the target - the protein.


4-6 people:

6 medium-sized potatoes (firm variety) 

240 g bacon

(2 packs) butter (cold) 

3 dl grated cheddar cheese

1 dl chopped pickled jalapeño

chopped chives

Chopped parsley 

Salt and Pepper


You might smoke a brisket, some currants, chicken wings, fish or shellfish. At most, in exceptional cases, someone might throw down a traffic light pepper that is allowed to go next door. -"It looks nice with a bit of colour on the collar..." If the smoked accessory is ever allowed to make a prominent sideshow in a mess or sauce, it can count happily. I have previously tried to push not to just stare blindly at the main detail.

Among other things, we have smoked salt, licorice, aubergine for baba ghanoush, but also quail eggs that were served with sturgeon rum. Smoking can also be a side project.

This time we're going to take something really Swedish, but make it well more unashamedly American. I'm talking about an accessory that will make any BBQ-saved long-canned beardy go weak in the knees. Of course, it is not the most useful thing that has come out of the smoke, on the contrary. This is beat-your-chest-useless. Just like when you've lost all hope for yourself and just want to drive yourself at warp speed straight into the nearest vein wall. If you were to see the recommended daily calorie intake in front of you as a pie chart, then by taking this accessory you have already traveled three laps in the circle. And then I reckoned that you haven't yet had time to taste what you chose to serve this side dish with.

The sideshow I'm talking about is a lightly smoked hazelnut potato stuffed with home-smoked bacon and grated with loads of cheddar cheese. To lower the blood sugar slightly, we then top everything with chopped pickled jalapeño, chives and parsley. Greens have that effect on sugar levels.

Today we will need all the green we can get. Smoked hazelnut potatoes with bacon, jalapeño and cheddar cheese -


Freeze slices of bacon on sandwich paper. Preheat the smoker to 160°C. Keep the damper closed. Peel the potato. Then cut it Hasselback style. (Put the potatoes in a wooden spoon and cut until the spoon accepts them. Cut into roughly millimeter-thin slices, all slices must stick together.)

Cut the sliced frozen bacon into pieces similar in height and width to the diameter of the potatoes. Stuff the frozen bacon slices between the slices in the potatoes. A slice of bacon between each cut is perhaps a bit much to take in, but feel free to have a slice of bacon in every other cut.

Place in a cast iron pan that will hold the smoke. Season with black pepper. Grate over cold butter with a cheese grater.

Then bake the potatoes in the smoke (without added smoke) under a lid/aluminum foil for about 1.5 hours. Brush the potatoes with (more) butter a few times during cooking. Then remove the lid or foil and run with smoke for another hour. Before the last half hour, throw on the cheddar cheese. Bake for another 30 minutes. If you want more smoke flavor, you can of course start the smoke generator earlier during cooking.

(Depending on the size of the potatoes, the cooking time may vary slightly. Test the potatoes with a skewer before serving.) Finally, top with chopped jalapeño, chives and parsley. Serve, for example, with currants, brisket, chicken wings, seafood or a white fish. Don't forget the salad.


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