Boston Baked Beans

Smoked Boston Style Candy-“ized” Baked Beans Recipe

For years I use to make Boston Baked Beans the hard way. You know what I mean. Going through the dried beans looking for small stones, and bad beans. Then there was that over night soaking etc..

One day, I came across a brand of baked beans I felt I could work with. Now I have two recipes for these types of beans. One is a heavier non smoked Boston Candy-“ized” Bean. The other is lighter but it is “smoked.” The recipe below is for the smoked/ lighter bean.

If you are into Texas style BBQ beans, then these are not for you.

This bean will have a light smoke flavor. Kind of like a sweet little accent. Years ago I made 50 gallons for an outside wedding. There was not a good gallon left to take home.



1 Cup packed dark brown sugar

6 Oz Molasses

4 Oz maple syrup – amber

56 Oz bush old style original baked beans

1 Tbsp yellow mustard

2 Tsp dry mustard

1 Pound of quality Bacon

1 Good size Onion. Yellow or White - NO SWEET Onion


Take about 60% of the pound of bacon along with the onion that is pealed and cut into 6 pieces.

Place them into your smoker and smoke with Maple for 2 hours. Box temperature 225°F.

Slice the smoked bacon and onion into bite size.

Add all other ingredients.

Mix until you are sure the brown sugar is complete dissolved and the colour is uniform.

Take remaining (non-smoked) bacon and cover the top of the beans.

Place in pre-heated oven 350 °F. Bake for 1 to 1½ hours.

Stir your beans. Mix them up good. This is where you can lose it by over cooking the beans. There is nothing worse than to have a candy-“ized” dried out bean.

Every 15 minutes, stir the beans again but you are also going to “test” the sauce every 15 minutes:

Remove some of the sauce and place it in a glass bowl allowing it to cool.

Spread it up the sides of the bowl, turn the bowl on its side and, if the sauce does not run down then your beans are done.


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