Smoked Tasso Ham Recipe

Smoked Tasso Ham Recipe

Adapted from Charcuterie, “The Craft of Salting, Smoking and Curing”; by Michael Ruhlman & Brian Polcyn.

Got caught up on the holiday sausages last week and figured it was time to replenish my Tasso. There’s nothing like a good bowl of gumbo or jambalaya on a chilly winter day; and the only thing better than homemade gumbo or jambalaya is using your own Tasso in the recipe. For those not familiar with Tasso, it’s simply a Cajun style of curing pork shoulder.


5 Pounds, boneless pork shoulder

Curing Ingredients:

7 Tbsp kosher salt

5 Tbsp dextrose or (3 tbsp sugar)

1 Tbsp pink salt (aka InstaCure #1; Prague Powder #1; Modern Cure; TCM)

Cajun Seasoning Ingredients:

3 Tbsp ground white pepper

1½ Tbsp cayenne pepper

3 Tbsp dried marjoram

3 Tbsp ground allspice



Combine all curing ingredients and blend well.

Slice the shoulder into long steaks or slabs. For a five-pound pork shoulder, try to slice it into 5 slabs.

Dredge the slabs in the cure, pressing down and be sure to coat all surfaces.

Shake off the excess and place in the fridge for about 4 hours.

Remove the pork from the fridge, rinse under cold water making sure to remove the cure completely, and pat with paper towels to dry.


Mix all Cajun seasoning ingredients until well combined, and coat all the slabs evenly.

Place them into a 180 – 200°F preheated smoker, apply smoke for at least 2 hours, and continue to cook until they reach 150°F.

Remove from smoker and allow to rest. After the rest period, cube or slice according to your recipes, or store whole in the fridge or freezer.