Summer Sausage

Smoked Summer Sausage Recipe

The recipe I used is actually a spicy snack stick recipe, but it makes great summer sausage.


10 Lbs meat (I used a chuck roast)

3 Tsp each:

- Ground celery

- White pepper

- Nutmeg

- Curry powder

5 Tbsp salt

2 Tsp curing salt

1 Tsp liquid smoke (optional)

1 Cup non-fat dry milk (binder)

5 Tbsp powdered dextrose

1 Cup of iced water


Stuff the mixture into 2.5-inch casings the length of the racks.

Dry sausage at 100°F for an hour.

Start the smoke and increase the temperature to 130°F for one hour.

Next, increase the temperature to 150°F for the next hour.

The final temperature adjustment is 170 F for 5 hours, or to the sausage’s internal temp of 152°F.