The best quality of wood bisquettes

The Art of Using Bradley Bisquettes for Food Smoking

Posted on: October 04, 2023
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Food smoking gives you a unique chance to add delicious flavor and aroma to your food that is not possible in other types of cooking. Bradley Bisquettes are a right choice for providing an irresistible smoky flavour to your food and are specially designed for Bradley smokers. They burn and produce a clean smoke flavour that gives your food the best taste every time.

What makes up Bradley Bisquettes

Bradley Bisquettes are 100% natural. They are made of at least 99.98 % natural wood or fruitwood and at least 0.02 %collagen, a natural substance used as a binder. These Bisquettes are made with both uniform densities and pressures to form into the best fuel for smoking because they burn consistently.

Best Bradley Wood Bisquettes for Smokers

Benefits of using Bradley Bisquettes in your smoker

The type of quality and type of wood used in food smoking greatly influences your food flavor and aroma. Here are some of the benefits of using Bradley Bisquettes with your smoker.

#1. Perfect and consistent results

With Bradley, you are guaranteed to get deliciously consistent results every time. These Bisquettes do not overburn for a longer time, which prevents your food from absorbing foul-tasting smoke. They always give excellent results that Bradley users have been enjoying over the years. The Bisquettes are uniquely designed to burn at a constant temperature for a controlled duration of time.

They made up of just the right amount of hardwood sawdust, combined with controlled pressure and densities. You also get different flavors based on the Bisquettes you burn.

#2. Bradley Bisquettes are available in a variety of flavors

Bradley Bisquettes are available in various flavors, allowing you to try different smoke flavors. They use various woods such as fruit woods and other strong flavor woods. Here are some of the most popular Bradley bisquette flavors.

  • Apple: Apple is one of the most commonly used fruity wood. Using bisquettes with apple flavor gives your food a thicker fruity smoke flavor.
  • Mesquite: Mesquite is a common wood from the Southwest of the United States. Using these bisquettes gives your smoked food a sweet and earthy flavor.
  • Alder: has a sweet and musky flavor. This wood is most common in the North West.
  • Oak: Oak is the most versatile hardwood. It gives off a deep, earthy smoke flavor.
  • Whiskey: offers a distinct, rich smoke flavor for any dish but pairs well with pork, poultry, beef, fish, seafood, waterfowl, and lamb. It is made from a whiskey-soaked in oak barrels.

Other popular Bradleys Bisquettes flavors are cherry, Hickory, Maple, Pacific, and Pecan blends. For more extensive flavor profiles, definitely check out our Bradley Smoker flavor profile blog.

Benefits of using Bradley Bisquettes in your smoker

#3. No Harmful Ash

Since Bradley Bisquettes are all-natural, they do not contain any extra chemicals. The result is cleaner smoke that does not emit any harmful gases, soot, carbon deposits, or any other harmful chemicals in the burning process. This efficient process eliminates foul-tasting and harmful ash in your food. That makes them a safe source of energy that provides a more natural flavor.

#4. Efficiency

One of the significant benefits of using Bisquettes in your smoker is that they are more efficient. These Bisquettes have a high heating value, enabling them to emit more intense heat compared to other fuels. Also, they emit much less ash content. Bisquettes are 40% more efficient and last longer than firewood. This efficiency is attributable to their density and low moisture.

#5. Burns longer and cheaper.

Since Bradley Bisquettes are made by compressing combustible materials, this process enables them to burn for a longer, extended period. One bisquette burns for at least 20 minutes which means you will need only three bisquettes in one hour. That would be less than $1.40 an hour, buying from

Tips to make your smoking food infuse the smoky bisquette flavor

Here are some additional Bradley tips & tricks on how to achieve superb flavor on your smoked meat.

Always Use raw and wet food

To get perfectly flavored smoked meat, always use raw meat. Since the flavor compounds present in smoke are dissolvable in fat and water, the food you are cooking will absorb smoky flavor best when raw.

Use a spice rub

Use a spice rub on meat to make the surface rough, reducing the boundary layer and enabling a smokier flavor to stick to the meat.

Always keep the meat moist.

When smoking your meat in the Bradley Smoker, it helps to keep the meat from drying out by spritzing it using a spray bottle.

Add humidity to the smoker.

Add the humidity inside the smoker by placing a water pan that also prevents the meat from drying out by adding moisture to the meat surface. This keeps it moist all through the cooking process.


Bradley Bisquettes give you the perfect smoky flavor when using a Bradley smoker. They are available in dozens of flavors, giving a number of different flavors to try. These Bisquettes along with the Bradley tips & tricks here will give you all-natural smoke-flavored meat that tastes delicious every time.